An Ancient System to Improve Health and Longevity



  • Golden Shield
    Muscles, tendons, and fascia of the abdomen.

  • Golden Bell
    Skin muscles, fascia, tendons, bones, and vessels of the torso.

  • Golden Brushes
    Muscles, tendons, bones, and meridians of the hands and arms.

  • Golden Pillars
    Muscles, tendons, bones, and meridians of the legs and feet

  • Golden Crown

Practice Level

Jingui Golden Shield, a traditional style of Qi Gong, is an internal energy system that teaches how to convert the enormous potential energy we have to Qi. Through specific incremental vibration techniques, the physical practice allows the organs to purify and strengthen. Golden Shield’s goal is to reach a high level of health, remove stagnations in the body and to mature the meridian system, our internal energy highways. As the practice develops each of the five physical levels, we gain in the ability to maintain overall higher levels of energy, to use our energy more effectively, and to integrate the mind, body and spirit. The overall effect of this practice balances and enhances the nervous system, the body’s chemistry, the internal communication system, our emotional wellbeing as well as the physical body. By accessing our potential energy, we can extend our self development to its furthest potential.

Golden Bell, Torso Practice Golden Bell, Torso Practice strengthens the lungs, kidneys, and heart as well as the skin, fascia, muscles, tendons, bones, and meridians of the torso. In Chinese Medicine all the meridians of the body go through the torso region. Through a wide variety of tools, this training overhauls the entire region, opening the meridians, enhancing the strength of bone in the spine and rib cage, and vibrating the internal organs. Herbal teas amd capsules are used in this level to support the body's intense, energetic development.

Golden Brushes, Hand Practice Golden Brushes, Hand Practice. This level develops the hands which develops the brain, opens the meridians of the hands and arms as well as the heart meridian. Ivana and Richard Kurtz are practicing on tiles and rock bags to develop out the physical level of the hand.

Golden Brushes Golden Brushes Golden Brushes. David Ross is showing the level of integration that develops with this practice.

Golden Pillar Golden Pillar Golden Pillar. Linda LLoyd is practicing Golden Pillar’s opening meditations which teaches the movement of Qi through the Leg meridians. This particular meditation, “Breaking the watermelon” also starts the growth of learning to “fire Qi” on a vertical level of the Legs.