Jingui: Golden Shield Qi Gong

  • Strengthens organs

  • Tap unused potential

  • Facilitate self-actualization

  • Integrate mind, body and energy

  • Increase bone mass

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An Ancient System to Improve Health and Longevity

Golden Shield is an ancient Chinese energy system that combines the elements of a physical practice with meditation and traditional herbal preparations. Benefits include health, well-being, physical stamina, and longevity. Golden Shield is a rare style of Qi Gong designed to build the human energy body extremely quickly.

Origins: The tradition of Jingui Golden Shield Qi Gong originated 500 years ago in the temples on Emei mountain in Western China. Traditionally, the training was passed down from the Master to only a few students. In this generation it was passed down from Master Yang Jin Gui in China. He was the head of martial arts training in the Sino-Japanese War, and is remembered as the “Jewel of China”.

Master Yang taught Tai Qi and Qi Gong, informally, to thousands of students in the parks in China. When he turned 50, he accepted formal students. He taught 19 formal students in all. His 19th student is Dr. Don Zhang, DAOM, PhD. Before Dr. Zhang came to the United States from China, Master Yang transmitted all the teachings of this tradition to him and gave him his blessings to teach this tradition to anyone wishing to learn.

Dr. Zhang brought out and developed this knowledge not as a martial art but as a system for health and longevity. This system has been taught to the general public in the United States since 1995 and, more recently, in Canada.